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Members' Listings


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NSC Outdoor Adventures

Land, Snow, Adventure, Groups

Summer and Winter Hillwalking & Mountaineering

Wild Camping & Backpacking Expeditions.

Rock or Wall Climbing & Abseiling

Mountain Training Scheme -

 Hill and Mountain Skills Awards.

National Navigation Awards -

 Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Corporate Groups, Education Groups, Community Groups, Other Groups


Highway 2

Land, Water, Snow, Adventure, Groups

Hillwalking, Rock Climbing & Abseiling, Navigation, Archery, Cycling, Gorge Walking, Winter hillwalking, Coasteering, Canyoning, Corporate Groups, Education Groups, Community Groups, Stag & Hen, Other Groups



Land, Groups

Hillwalking, Navigation, Cycling, Corporate Groups, Community Groups, Stag & Hen


Highland Adventure Activities

Land, Water, Snow, Adventure, Groups, Equipment Providers, Accommodation Providers

Hillwalking, Canoeing & Kayaking, Archery, Cycling, Corporate Groups, Education Groups, Community Groups, Stag & Hen, Children’s Activities, Other Groups, Team Building, Wall Climbing, Target Air Pistol Shooting, Raft Building


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