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Angus - perfect for backpacking in Scotland

wild campingBackpacking in Scotland is now far easier following the introduction of the Land Reform Act.


The act gave walkers and backpackers the right to responsibility go almost anywhere in the outdoors when hillwalking and the opportunity to 'wild camp'.


This means you can experience life in the wilderness with only what you can carry in a backpack whether you plan an overnight stay or a longer expedition.


The remote Glens, corries and plateaus offer uncountable opportunities for experiencing life without the intrusion of street lights, cars, noise or other interruptions, while the setting and rising of the sun and the night sky can be awesome.


And it isn't even necessary to travel far from your car, as many of the best wild camping locations are only a few miles walk from the nearest road - cycling trips are also an option.


Overnight backpacking and wild camping in Scotland

If you are really serious about wild camping, it is possible to camp anywhere on the high tops, although this isn't recommended for the uninitiated.


There are a number of qualified Outdoor Angus guides who can help you have the best possible wild camping experience - for example, a sheltered camping spot with fresh running water readily available and the sound of a burbling burn to lull you to sleep.


One excellent option is to combine several high level trails with wild camping - a do-it-yourself Duke of Edinburgh expedition!


The beginning and ending of your trip backpacking in Scotland can also be based in one or more of the numerous bed and breakfast or hotels throughout the area making for a truly memorable holiday.