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Challenging cycling in Scotland

If you are looking for some of the most challenging cycling in Scotland, Angus could be the answer. And with bike hire available from a number of locations, you don't even have to take your bicycle with you.


The roads of Angus provide incredible cycling, including opportunities to explore the tranquil Glens or to cycle through fertile farmland or to explore coastal villages and secluded beaches.

photo of mountain bikers

A range of off-road cycling to match anywhere in Scotland

Angus is one of Scotland's mountain bikers' secrets, and they find plenty to whet their appetite on slopes which aren't just for hillwalking!


The Sidlaw Hills, which lie north of Dundee, feature high-quality, natural single tracks and regularly host national cross-country events.


To the north of Angus and into the Glens, there are an increasing number of red and blue-graded routes, although you should be prepared to do some occasional track clearing, as these trails are completely 'natural'.


In the Glens, the challenge lies with the high passes, the ancient drovers' roads and those summits that are, sometimes unbelievably, accessible by mountain bike.


However, in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by spectacular scenery with challenging black rocky routes at your feet and not another soul for miles, the ability to navigate and ride sufficiently is a necessity. This is mountain biking at its most challenging.


And when the snow falls, many mountain bikers turn their attention to skiing, and Angus is wellplaced for enjoying a day at the slopes at the nearby Glenshee Ski Centre.


The promotion of mountain biking in the area as a whole is being done by the Angus Mountain Biking Trails Association, which is committed to making the county the best for cycling in Scotland.